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Bending Products

Exacta Conventional

Exacta Conventional style Press Brake tooling is available in a variety of styles and is available for the vast majority of Press Brakes on the market today. If you need a solution that is not already offered in the standard tooling line, design experts will work with you to engineer a solution to meet your needs.

Manufactured in Toronto, Exacta press brake products incorporate years of industry experience and are available through the global sales and distribution network of Wilson Tool.

Exacta Conventional Press Brake tooling is engineered to meet the needs of Sheet Metal Fabricators around the world. Exacta has the ability to manufacture high quality Special Forming tools in one-piece lengths of up to 20 feet or the same tool in sections of any desirable length.


The 30/60 punch is helpful in reducing the amount of whip-up in the front of the brake and makes it easier to handle the part.

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The Channel set allows a channel to be bent with a single stroke.

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The Curl set involves a three-step process with only one set-up to create a curled shape.

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Wilson Tool can create any size V opening you require that is not already offered as a stock item.

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Emboss and Logo

An Emboss or Logo is a permanent way to display a company logo or product name in sheet metal.

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Exacta Adjustable V Die

The Exacta Adjustable V dies are a great solution when bending thick materials and you need the flexibility to adjust the width of the V opening.

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Form Tool

Form Tools from Wilson Tool allow multiple bends and angles to be bent in a single stroke.

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Hemming punch and die sets are used to flatten or hem a part after a 30-degree bend has been made.

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Wilson Tool can create a custom holder for you to add height to a punch or die, change tooling styles, or simply replace an existing holder in a press brake.

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A Letter Stamp is a stamping operation that allows chisel point letters to be applied by a press brake.

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The Louver allows you to slit the material prior to forming or to slit and form at the same time, giving you a one-hit solution.

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Also known as Z bends or Joggles, the Offset punch and die set is able to make two bends in one machine stroke.

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Any profile can be made if it is not already offered as a stock item.

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Radius tools are available in virtually any angle or radius.

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Mainly used to create rigidity or to match inserts, the Rib tool also helps reduce and avoid tooling collisions.

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Rod Bending

To reduce premature wear, pockets are created in the punch and die to accommodate the diameter of the rod and then hardened for maximum wear life.

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A window punch and die set is used to create deep boxes, complete enclosures, deep narrow channels or anything that has to pass through the center of the tool.

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When small flanges on large panels need to be bent, a wiping punch and die set is the ideal solution for preventing the panel from whipping up too high.

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